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We are experienced and well-educated professionals who can help your organization improve.  Whether you are looking to implement a new vision or finding efficiencies along the way, we can help.  

We have experience in changing operational direction and program development or design.  We can evaluate your current operation, make recommendations, and assist in implementing a new plan.  If you are looking for a strong support team, Capstone is the place!


Overall, our goal is to help coach, mentor, and support new ideas, efficiencies, and evaluations.  


It is much harder to move our organizations forward without a mission or vision.  We have assisted communities with evaluations, surveys, reorganizations, culture assessments, leadership assessments, staffing studies, recruitment planning, and total redesign.

Our Pro-Team can assist in developing an organizational mission and vision that your employees can buy into.  Once they become part of the solution for success, you will see more engagement within your organization, improved morale, and positive outcomes.  


Let us help you develop a plan for success! 


Capstone is connected to all types of professionals who are currently working or want to work with the public sector.  From City Managers to Public Safety officials, we can help.  

We have trained thousands of people over the years and guided communities in making the right decision.  You can trust that we will always be working with your interests in mind. 


We believe we can do it better!  We too have sat through the same old classes looking at the PowerPoint slides wondering, "Why?"


The Pro-Trainers at Capstone were hand-selected for their ability to keep students engaged and for the experiences they have. We incorporate real-world experiences into our training so students can apply their lessons to our experiences.  


If you want better training, we should be part of your team.  


Sometimes you just need a little help in the office or with a project.  We have worked with communities conducting strategic plans, budgets, capital equipment expenditures, emergency operations planning, supporting the fire department, entering reports and data, and so much more.  

We trained government officials in both Liberia and Kenya, Africa.  We developed policies and procedures for departments and even built one of the largest recruitment sites in Minnesota.   We have secured millions of dollars in grants and help the community manage the process.  Give us a call and see how we can help!   

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