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Frequently Asked Questions






What types of training do you offer?

Capstone offers a wide range of classes for your organization.  We have trained firefighters, public sector leaders, fire investigators, police officers, colleges, corporate middle managers and more.  Give us a call to see if we have a class to offer you.  We also customize classes to meet your needs.  




Where is the training held?

Most of the training is held on your site.  If you sponsor a class, we provide two FREE registrations to the class for the use of your facility.  




Can you conduct a strategic plan or review of our operation?

This is a backbone of the Pro-Team.  We can assist in looking at your organization as an outsider and provide feedback based on best practices, policy, and standards.  Are you looking to implement a new vision, joining operations, or simply thinking of doing something new?  We can help!




What is the cost of your consulting services?

Our training classes typically have a per-student cost.  However, if the class is scheduled for hour hours or less, we can provide "per class" fee.  Additional costs could be incurred if we would need to hire a subject matter expert.  Each project would require a face to face meeting so the full scope of the project is understood and agreed upon. 




How do I become a Pro-Trainer or Pro-Team member?

We are always looking for quality people to help us achieve our goals.  Simply send your resume to us and we will get in contact with you.  That being said, we are looking for positive minded and creative people who can benefit our customers.  

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