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One of Capstones specialties is assisting local entities with inspections and plan review.  We have code experts on our team who have worked on projects such as senior centers, commercial storage, apartment buildings, multi-story buildings, high-hazard structures, LP facilities, big-box retail, flammable/combustible areas, industrial cooking and more.  Oh, one of our team members also helped with a few fun ones as well such as the MN Twins and Vikings stadium.


The majority of our team has worked in the fire industry for decades.  We not only see it go up, but at times we see how quickly the building can come down.  Using the Fire Code and related standards, we work with communities to assure they fully understand the processes and risks some businesses bring into the communities.


We can work on-demand as needed or contract your annual inspections program.  All it takes is a phone call and we can set up the process for you giving quality work.  We can use you record management system, or ours, to assure you have an efficient system to get the information you need on the businesses in your area. 

Along with the plan review and inspections, we can assist with code adoption, forms, policies, and pre-planning.  How current are the pre-plans of your buildings?  Let us help you get them up to date!  We are professionals who can work as a contractor on your behalf. 


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